The Journeyman

Every journey starts with a single step. Through these blogs, I want to talk, share my thoughts, views, opinions about topics or content that is happening or been at the back of my mind.

  • As good music – helps on singing, memory and listening skills, exercise is good for both mental and physical well being, Reading – engaging topics I feel is equally essential. I wish to engage on Reading aspect through my blogs.
  • To improve as a writer / blogger (getting pen to paper).
  • Reach out to more than one person and through a common medium and from various platforms.
  • Coming next are selective blogs on Podcast form.

Latest from the Journeyman Blog

Boss Engira Bhaskaran Part 2

Sequel that would be nice to have: Boss engira Bhaskaran Part 2 – Challenge Tutorial vs. Success Online.  All characters are based on Boss engira Bhaskaran by Rajesh and Red Giant pictures, they hold copyright of movie / characters. Key characters in sequel include: Bhaskaran (Boss): Arya, co-owner Challenge tutorial Nalla Thambi: Santhanam, co-owner ChallengeContinue reading “Boss Engira Bhaskaran Part 2”

What’s Cooking??

In Kung Fu Panda, Mr. Ping says to Po –” Secret ingredient in the secret ingredient soup is…???” In this blog, I wanted to share a few thoughts on cooking essentials and items that bring a great taste and overall experience enjoyable. Cooking is an essential part of life; it is important to know someContinue reading “What’s Cooking??”

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